Increase your percentage of appointments set!

Percentage of appointments offered on incoming calls to sales!

The modern consumer is savvy and informed, which is causing a decline in the number of clients who come in (walk-in) to the dealership. Consumers now want to inquire before moving, which makes the over-the-phone performance of the sales advisor crucial.

Did you know that in the auto industry,
an appointment is offered on average only 47% of the time on an incoming call?
Thanks to Activix’s expertise in telephone communications, you can propel your percentage of appointments set.

It has been proven that after 6 months of coaching with Activix,
appointments are offered on average 79% of the time on an incoming call - that’s an increase of 59%!

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Source: Based on listening to more than 40,000 sales calls.

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Posted in Nouvelles on Nov 03, 2015