Internet requests : the impact of response time!

Did you know that response time affects your appointment percentage?

Requests for information submitted via the Internet are more numerous and crucial in a customer’s buying process. One must therefore respond quickly and effectively in order to maximize the chances of setting an appointment.

It has been proven that response time has a direct impact on the appointment setting percentage.

More than half of dealers take about 3 hours to respond to Internet requests.

In comparison, Activix customers have an average response time of 57 seconds.
Due to this fast response time, 10 times more customers are reached in the first attempt to contact and 3 times more appointments are set!

Take advantage of the revolutionary WebBoost tool.
Reach customers in record time and significantly increase your number of appointments.

Find out how to answer in 60 seconds!

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Posted in Nouvelles on Nov 10, 2015