Turnkey service

Develop your expertise and reduce operational costs

Complete solution. Strategies, recruting, training and evaluation, crm and tools. Starting at 480$ per week.
Service 1

Consultation and roll out strategies

Service 2

Agent and manager recruitment service

Service 3

Existing personnel validation service

Service 4

Performance measurement tools and reports

Service 5

Training on calls and online queries

Service 6

Tools to improve leads management

Business center solutions

A customized step-by-step approach to suit your needs and goals

Implementation of a new BDC

New BDC 1

Determine the type of BDC

New BDC 2

Steps and deadlines

New BDC 3

Recruitment process

New BDC 4

Agent training

New BDC 5

Performance evaluation

New BDC 6

Continuing training

Improvement of existing BDC

Existing BDC 1

Understanding your goals

Existing BDC 2

BDC assessment

Existing BDC 3

Performance measurement

Existing BDC 4

Plan and recommendations

Existing BDC 5

Agent training

Existing BDC 6

Management tools

Recruiting services

Expert in hiring and placing qualified candidates

Complete hiring process

  • Establishing the profile, salary and bonus
  • Creating and advertising job offers
  • Telephone pre-selections and interviews
  • Practical and psychometric tests
  • Score calculation for each candidate
  • Presentation of the best candidates
  • Unlimited replacement warranty
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Recruiting starting 95$ per week per agent

Training and evaluation

Coaching, assessment and agent development

Complete training solution

  • Initial PerfecTel and PerfecWeb training
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching
  • Online self-training system
  • Telephone assessment report
  • PerfecTel management console
  • Work tools
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Training starting at 230$ per week

CRM and management tools

Performance and assessment tools for leads management

Management tools package

  • Complete CRM
  • WebBoost tool
  • LeadXpress tool
  • Training on the use of the CRM
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CRM and tools starting at 155$ per week

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